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Modern Man and Scepticism

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Yesterday morning I got to take a few photos of a family of Crested Caracaras.  I’m not too sure if this is the papa or the mama with one of the two juvenile birds.  Just moments before, this parent had brought dinner to the youth.  Life seems fairly simple for these birds with no worries about the economy or politics that seem to be continual front page news in the modern western world.  Sometimes I wish that life could be so simple.  But, of course, that option has long ago disappeared.

I have another WordPress blog site that is for expressing my political views with hopes of making a difference as my country shifts more and more to the right political spectrum.  It has been quite a while since my last post there as I become more and more discouraged about the whole mess.  I don’t think it really makes much difference which man becomes leader of the country or which party that man leads.  The political system is vested in acquiring and maintaining power, not in vision and policy regardless of what anyone says on the sidelines or in opposition.  I guess that this makes me a sceptic.

“The revolution in our conscious outlook, brought about by the catastrophic results of the World War, shows itself in our inner life by the shattering of our faith in ourselves and our own worth.  We used to regard foreigners as political and moral reprobates, but the modern man is forced to recognize that he is politically and morally just like anyone else.  Whereas formerly I believed it was my bounden duty to call others to order, I must admit that I need calling to order myself, and that I would do better to set my own house to rights first.  I admit this the more readily because I realize only too well that my faith in the rational organization of the world – that old dream of the millennium when peace and harmony reign – has grown pale.  Modern man’s scepticism in this respect has chilled his enthusiasm for politics and world-reform; more than that, it is the worst possible basis for a smooth flow of psychic energies into the outer world, just as doubt concerning the morality of a friend is bound to prejudice the relationship and hamper its development.  Through his scepticism, modern man is thrown back on himself, his energies flow towards their source, and the collision washes to the surface those psychic contents which are at all times there, but lie hidden in the silt so long as the stream flows smoothly in its course.” (Jung, The Spiritual Problem of Modern Man, Modern Man in Search of Soul, 1933)

Jung’s description here is found to hold even today, almost eighty years later.  In a liberal country such as Canada, we now require the Niqab to be removed for security reasons.  So much for religious freedoms.  Do I think that we can put it all together and fix the economies of the world, we who have been so focused on putting privilege for the wealthy into golden containers at the expense of the economic security of the middle class?  It’s broken and those who already have more than enough have found a way to gather even more to their coffers.  Even science is suspect if it threatens the deep pockets.  Climate science is now denied and the most educated are ridiculed as being too intellectual and lacking common sense.   And the common sense in question is that of expecting those with the economic deep pockets to actually take responsibility for the environmental damage they do.

This wasn’t supposed to be a political rant, but that is how it is turning out.  Being fed up with the whole mess, I simply say “Fuck it!” and go back to work on trying to regulate the same monsters within me as are found in the economic and political spheres.  I am not much better as I sit and whine about what our “leaders” are doing or not doing, rather than doing what needs to be done on a personal level.  It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black.


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