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Going Around In Circles

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This is an older photo which I found in my photo archives.  I took the photo at dawn in November, 2004 just outside of my house looking southeast.  For the next while, I will be posting other older photos here.  I want to share them before I forget that they even exist.  That is a problem when one is a photographer, too many photographs now that I shoot digital rather than film.  That said, I do have a large number of film images to be digitized.   This particular photo of dawn stood the test of time and didn’t get culled.  I have likely culled about four of every five images taken when I first started using digital technology because of storage issues.  Now, I delay culling because I don’t have to worry about storage issues.  Now, looking back through the photo files as I move all of them onto the new external hard drive, I catch myself looking for photos I knew I took only to find that the photo in question was missing – culled.   This realisation that even though culled, the photo remains in my mind and has done its work with my psyche.

Photos such as this one survive because they are always current, because the are more than a journalistic record.  This scene of a Canadian prairie dawn talks to me of birth and rebirth, the eternal circle of all that is.

“Just as the sun, by its own motion and in accordance with its own inner law, climbs from morn till noon, crosses the meridian and goes its downward way towards evening, leaving its radiance behind it, and finally plunges into all-enveloping night, so man sets his course by immutable laws and, his journey over, sinks into the darkness, to rise again in his children and begin the cycle anew.” (Jung, CW Vol. 5, Symbols of Transformation, par. 251)

This is something to think about as I continue the search for understanding, especially understanding my “self.”  Again I take this quote from the book, C.G. Jung:  Aspects of the Masculine.  I don’t pretend to speak for the feminine or even understand the psyche of a woman.  I don’t know if a man could ever reach that kind of understanding, especially as task of self-understanding seems to be a life’s work.  So, I focus on the masculine in order to see my own part, to take full ownership of myself in order to become more aware of self in relation to other, to my wife, to my children, and to my grandchildren.  I exist as a solitary man.  I exist in relationship to others.  And it is in relationship to the feminine that I find completion, the drawing of the circle in which dawn will again come in my children and in my grandchildren.


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  1. “such is the nature of reality, that anyone
    can experience that which is least understood.”

    It was a very unique dream, and it seemed like
    I had just stepped out of another reality.

    “In a classroom, a teacher, (woman) is talking
    about astronomy. The scene changes to a field,
    where two bears are romping and a duck is flying

    The interpretation here:

    Bx Times Reporter

    Todd Laurence

    May 7, 2010 at 7:26 am

    • An interesting introduction and response, Todd. Welcome. I hope that there is something here to engage you and have you join in the discussions from time to time.

      Robert G. Longpré

      May 7, 2010 at 8:03 am

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