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A Light Does Shine in the Darkness

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In keeping with the weather patterns here on the prairies that have resulted in record rainfalls for the spring season, I again post a rain photo.  I chose to use black and white because it more accurately reflects the polarities of the darkness of the unconscious and the light of consciousness.  You know the old expression of how when one understands a new idea we comment about a “light turning on,” that is an apt description of developing awareness.

For a brief moment, the clouds broke to allow a faint ray of sunshine to appear and be reflected off the rooftop of a house on the edges of the prairie.  I took the photo through the living room window in order evoke a sense of being separated from the light.  How does it look from the swampland?  How does it look when one feels that one is drowning under the weight of all the shadows of the underworld?

Is it perhaps at bottom the fear of death?  That does not seem to me very probable, because as a rule death is still far in the distance and therefore somewhat abstract.  Experience shows us, rather, that the basic cause of all the difficulties of this transition  is to be found in a deep-seated and peculiar change within the psyche.”  (Jung, CW Volume 8, par 778)

So, it isn’t a fear of death so much as a fear of change.  Looking out from where one is living into “possibilities” that lay outside of one’s limits of clear vision.   For many, the fear of that unknown is enough to dissuade them from embarking forward on the journey into the darkness even though a light shines in that darkness.  Rather, there is a retreat into patterns with the rationalization that one is better off with the “devils one knows.”

That retreat leads to a life of regret, anger and bitterness.  One never forgives life and those around them for their misery.


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