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The Woman in the Sun

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Another “sun” photo that I have taken in hopes of being able to find enough sun and moon photos for the SoFoBoMo project.  So far, “sol” seems to be a non-issue.  However, “luna” is proving to be an issue.  Perhaps when I return to Saskatchewan in a few days opportunities for moon photos will present themselves.   If not, the theme of the book will have to be revisited.

This photo scene is a reflection of the sun on the Shuswap River not too far from the city of Kamloops.  Though it was daytime with the sun shining brightly, when I took this photo, the camera found a “darkness” that only allowed the sunshine to have a small place.  The original photo is larger than this portion, but the scene was still all darkness on the water which filled the rest of the frame.

As I looked at this scene for a second and third and fourth time before finally choosing it for here, it triggered a memory of being out in nature at night under the light of a full moon.  One such memory was on a pleasant late winter evening when I had decided to go skiing in the moonlight.  I knew the trails in the wooded park as I had set them myself.  So, with a familiarity with the terrain, I felt comfortable in skiing in darkness with only reflected light from the moon showing me the shadowed depths of the trail.  A second memory also came to mind, another evening in the late summer when I had decided to go canoeing on the still, silent waters of the lake beside which I was camping.

Strange indeed.  Here I am taking a “sun” photo and the image produced evokes the “moon.”  Again, I am reminded of the power of “image,” a power that is not about the object that is the image.

There is no doubt in my mind that the feeling of being drawn, being entranced, is primal.  It has both a darkness and a lightness face.  This is why even the sun can be seen to have a dark face as in this photo; a feminine, dark, foreboding face- dangerous depths.  And, as the moon’s radiance graces the same water, light enters to evoke a sense of safety, warmth and protection – the masculine.  At this point, my analytical mind tells me that these two orbs in the sky are just things.  The moon has no light.  The moon becomes visible because of the sun.  Other than these basic facts, there is nothing more, nothing of psychological import.

However, my soul sees these images and resonates with something that is more than the scientific facts of sun, moon and earth.  I know that the moon is the face of the feminine, and that the sun is the face of the masculine.  I know that there is a man in the moon.  Today, I found the woman in the sun.

Could the longing for a god be a passion welling up from our darkest, instinctual nature, a passion unswayed by any outside influences, deeper and stronger perhaps than the love for a human person?”  (Jung, CW Volume 7, par 214)

No wonder we fail in relationships when we demand too much from them.  No one person can hold the projected passion for union with a god.


2 Responses

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  1. Wonderfully capture image and your words, thoughts…how true they ring. I truly enjoyed reading your thought process especially your contemplation of the masculinity and femininity as well as the lightness and darkness factor of the sun and moon. Each has a bit of the other in it.


    June 16, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    • Thank you for your words. Because of your comments, I was able to find your blog site which I found to be very interesting, soulful. I was also honoured to discover that this blog site was on your blogroll. Welcome and please do return.

      Robert G. Longpré

      June 16, 2010 at 3:59 pm

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