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Sol and Luna: SoFoBoMo 2010

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Well, I’ve finally begun to put the first pages of my SoFoBoMo project into MS Word so that I can save the final project as a PDF.  From the looks of it, I have had to reset the start day back a few days, to June 9th which means that I have until July 9th to complete the project.  This photo is the one I have decided to be on the cover of the book.   I am finally getting excited about the book as well as daunted by it.  Have I chosen a theme beyond my capacity to explore well?  I guess the answer is that it is about exploring the theme, not about being an authority on the theme.  Saying that gives me a sense of relief and so I dare to continue this project into the unknown territory of unconsciousness.

This photo was an attempt to capture the sun through the branches of a tree.  And as at other times, the photo had too much sun flare to be useful as it was.  So, I cropped it and used editing tools to give the photo a surreal look and in the end, that look came closer to the psychological reality of the sun than anything more realistic in an objective sense.

. . . the sun is the father-god from whom all living things draw life; he is the fructifier and creator, the source of energy for our world.  The discord into which the human soul has fallen can be harmoniously resolved through the sun as natural object, which knows no inner conflict.   The sun is not only beneficial, but also destructive . . . ” (Jung, CW Volume 5, par 176)

Again, the polarities are combined into one.  This combining into one is what this whole process and project are all about.  Good and evil together.  God the Father is also the Great Destroyer, or Devil.  I can almost hear the protests and the shouts of blasphemy.  In order to respond to them, I want you to consider exactly what I mean by “God.”

For me, God is all that is and all that isn’t.  This isn’t said to be obtuse, but to simply illustrate that God has no boundaries.  Those who believe in God know him or her as all-knowing and omni-present.  There is no place where God isn’t; there is nothing that exists other than by his or her will.  In a way, the closest I can come to understanding this notion is to accept the fact that even I am part of where God is and what God knows.  No, I don’t claim to be God.  If one can accept that God is all that is and all that isn’t, that “must” include all that is good and all that is evil.  If there is such a place as hell, then God must be there as well as in heaven.  It then stands to my way of thinking, that heaven and hell are simply states of being with hell being a state of unconsciousness and heaven be a state of wholeness or holiness.

So we must press onward to the final stage, the rubedo, which has often been called the ‘Marriage of Luna and Sol’, the fusion of the human and divine, the union of the personality (Luna) with the essential Self (Sol).”  (Jung, CW Volume 12, p. 256)

All of these pieces begin to come together in this photo.  The golden sun and the white moon are fused together to make a holy marriage.  Of course, this can’t be taken literally, but figuratively it works.  If one can make conscious and embrace both the masculine and the feminine aspects of self, one becomes whole, or holy.


2 Responses

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  1. As powerful a photograph this is, it makes me sad to read this; for one day the sun will go out and our world will pass away. There will be new worlds, new heavens new earths, but as a child who is moving from a known home to the new searches in every place for what is familiar. I imagine my spirit, lost in the new world, wandering, wandering over the unfamiliar universal scape.

    I know that is a long time away, but I can’t help thinking about it, wondering if there is not some eternal significance. I am frustrated by the Christian view of all this because the typical Christian is bound by a limited view since they see science as a threat. Combining my Christian heritage with what I am beginning to know of the origins fo the universe, physics and the eternal birth of the universe my thoughts are locked into a wondering, a missing, almost a worry over lost bits of earth, old adtoms reformed into indecipherable new molecules. Forgive me if I wax poetic. I actually think about these things.

    • I am glad that you found the photo powerful as that was the intent, to have an image that was “numinous” that points beyond itself in spite of the “physical” components of the image. As far as waxing poetic, welcome to my world 🙂

      Robert G. Longpré

      June 27, 2010 at 7:59 am

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