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At the Base of Jade Mountain

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At the eastern edge of Chase, British Columbia, the Catholic Church stands at the entrance, at the base of Jade Mountain.  It is an interesting looking church, as churches go.  I took the requisite number of photos as any good tourist would take.  I didn’t really plan on using any of them for this blog site while taking the photos, that is until I entered the church.

There at the back of the church, behind the alter, stood a stained glass window.  What set this window apart from others I have seen, was the placement of the cross.  The four panes of the stained glass window framed the four quadrants.  The top two panes contained crosses with a star cross in the centre of each pane.  The bottom panes again held crosses with a chalice and  at the centre.

All four panes formed a quaternity on their own.  At the centre of each pane, a circle creates a mandala where “four” is again held.   I am reminded of the expression “as above, so below,” an ancient expression associated with alchemy.  The circle in the top panes evoke a sky-like, an airy feel that is suggestive of heaven in which the cross serves as a marker of directions as well as the aspects which are contained such as “in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost” . . . and the Mother.  The golden rays of “Sol” are found in the four corners while the pure white light of the moon is found radiating from the centre of the circle.

The circles in the bottom pane are priceless.  At the centre, red.  Red or rubedo, the union of opposites purified, the Holy Marriage, the Alchymical Marriage of soul and spirit.  The top half of the circle is golden in four pieces; the bottom half again has four pieces, this time blue “water.”  At the centre another four pieces – two above the red centre and two below.  Above, the moon receiving the sun, allowing the sun to enter and be held.  Below another two pieces descending into the waters of the unconscious.  And in the whole, balance.

The whole left me breathless.   Even now as I write this I am still breathless.


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  1. My first reaction was it was a tarot card. That certainly captures the numinous in a nice symbol. Good for it – what good is it without some potent symbolism?


    June 30, 2010 at 11:10 pm

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