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Saying Goodbye To Michael

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I have just returned from a gathering of the in-law clan, a family reunion.  While there, I was focused on keeping my brother-in-law present in the best way I could.  The last thing the family needed was for him to wander off and get lost or . . .  Watching over Michael was good task, and for the most part, an easy task since he basically followed me from one small group to the next.  Michael and I teamed up for a few of the games as well.  At night, he had a bed of his own in my hotel room.  Now, Michael has gone to live in his new group home in a small city where his brother lives.  It will be a good adventure for both brothers, one to watch over his younger brother and the other to feel embraced and safe.  Going to China just got easier.  🙂

Life isn’t all about deep thoughts or psychology.  There is a lot of day-to-day stuff that needs to happen and be attended to with dignity.  It is important for me to try and be present in outer life even when it takes so much time away from what I perceive as my “work.”  At moments like this, I realise that this, too, is part of the work.  I touch people in ways that I will never fully come to know.  And, I grow in ways that I am not conscious about as I am with others such as the crowd of cousins, neices and nephews and the extensions of family.  And more importantly, I got to say goodbye to Michael.  When I return from China he may not remember who I am.  And this too, is a part of life.  Thank you Michael for being my “brother.”


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  1. Dear Robert,
    Thank you for the touching articles that you wrote about Michael and your other articles of richness.
    Thank you for being you and sharing your moments of your Self with others and me.
    Thank you for your honesty and sharing your weakness and fear with others and me.
    From my personal perspective – to be honest in the true sense and allow others to see your weakness and fears shows your amount of treasure that you received from your Self – you are rich !
    By circumstances (caused by my own stupidity) I got of the track of my Journey (my “work”), “the well felt dry” all my richness was gone, and I discovered how poor I was – but in the past two weeks, life was kind to let our path cross and by reading your articles and seeing your photo’s, I was able to get on my feet again and walk on.
    As far as I understand you get your “Inspiration”, “Wisdom”, from your pictures – you are in a special kind of mood, you are attracted to an object, you take a picture of the object and then at home by watching the picture that you took, it honored you with “Wisdom” from the Self – wonderful !
    For me it sometimes works this way when I am carving wood, but most of the time it comes to me by sudden flashes and in very subtle ways in what you call, day-to-day stuff, or as I call it daily house and kitchen circumstances – the symbols slip through so to say – wonder-full.
    I am pretty sure that maybe I can get conscious aware of no more than 1 percentage of these “messages”,
    maybe less.
    Thank you again for helping me on my feet you touched me deeply !
    You wrote “I touch people in ways that I will never fully come to know” – and I agree with you, but I am sure that my feelings of gratitude and of so many others, (conscious or unconscious) are written down in the Akasha Archives and are never lost !
    I am a bit confused by a traveling site – are you planning for a new trip to China ?
    If so, I wish you a fine and save trip and many new discovering and Wisdom that will reach you through (and over) the Antahkarana.
    I hope that we will have contact in the future.
    Gratitude from Ric in Holland.

    Ric Brijl

    August 4, 2010 at 4:34 am

    • Your note of thanks overwhelms me. It is hard to think that one has so much to offer others as you have found in my words here. I want you to realise that what you have found here is only what is already inside of yourself.

      I am flying to China in less than four weeks. However, I am not going to stop posting here on an almost daily basis where life allows this to happen. I will also be posting to a second blog site, one that is not about Jungian psychology as I understand it. The other site will focus on how a foreigner teaching at a university sees the country of China. I will post the URL for the other blog site here in the near future for those interested in following my experiences as a “laowai” (foreigner) in China.

      Thank you for reading, and hearing my words.

      Robert G. Longpré

      August 5, 2010 at 6:52 am

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