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The Well of Tasty Spring

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Yes, this well is called The Well of Tasty Spring.  It is located in the middle of Dong Po Park, a small park that is comprised of two small islands near the centre of Changzhou.  The park is named after a famous Chinese poet, Su Shi/Su DongPo (蘇東坡) who lived a thousand years ago and used to visit this city and stay on these islands which also served as the palace grounds for local nobility.  Today, a few ruins,  such as this well stone, mark the fact that people gathered together to enjoy art, music and poetry a thousand years ago.

Of course, as I wander through the landscape of this city in China, I am kept busy with my camera recording as much as I can of the things that catch my eye.  I use the excuse that I am interested in foreign cultures.  But, that is the cover story.  Each of these things that catch my eye, each of the individual “others” that catch my eye are connected to me in an unconscious manner.  Each has a meaning that has been noted though my consciousness is not aware of the reasons.

How do I know this?  Why do certain things catch my eye?  Why only certain buildings, aspects of buildings, or certain plants, flowers or bugs?  Why one person and not the tens and hundreds of thousands of other people?  If I am simply recording what is seen, I would hardly have time to eat.  So, perhaps it is about making choices to be representative of the larger culture?  I would agree with that if I had a plan and took photos accordingly.  No, I take photos that call to me out of the corner of my eye.  For me, each photo is a magical gift that beckons me to enter and discover something wondrous.

Each photo is an invitation to enter into my own unknown regions found somewhere within an inner universe.  Every once in a while I respond to the call and being to learn, yet again, something about the mystery of who I am.  It is as though each photo becomes a well which will nourish my soul, will give birth to light out of the depths of the wellsprings hidden in darkness.

And so, I journey into the shadow lands armed only with my camera in search of more of these “wells of tasty spring,”  wells of rebirth, rejuvenation and remembrance.


3 Responses

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  1. A absolutely magnificent mystic Post Robert together with the picture of the well that has so many wonderful symbolic meanings.
    I can imagine and it could be possible, that when reading your post, another person will “respond” on the things that you wrote – but I believe that your experiences hold much more (although you did not wrote them down) – such as:
    Your feelings at that moment, the sound, the smell, the taste,the movement, and I am sure, much more.
    From my personal experiences, these elements are also unconsciously “recorded” in/by your Self as “whole” – so without being contaminated so to say by the contradictions of our Ego.
    Furthermore, your words show me that the elements that I just mentioned could be in a way symbolic connected to the collective – in such a view one can experience the collective entering the individual.
    About your Post about “Slowing Down” (in which you gave me too much credits, smile),your response was:
    “As much as I would like to believe that we change in time with each other, I know that we change in our individual rhythmic time, sometimes in harmony and sometimes not. Regardless, we both end up teaching each other the truth about self and other” (end of cite).
    I can only say – Yes, absolutely.

    Opa Bear

    October 6, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    • I try to be objective here, in a metaphorical manner. Yet, in using images for the metaphors, objectivity is expanded to include much more, a numinous dimension, I think. I don’t want it to be all what I think as much as I want these posts to touch others so that they can sense themselves as much as they sense the presence of my “self.” Perhaps I delude myself into thinking that what I say is about real stuff and not some “New Age” mysticism such as one finds in so many “guru” driven sites. There is “otherness” within me, as well as within others. We are individuals yet at the same time the membrane separating self from other is almost a fiction, something so porous as to be a fiction of ego. You do deserve the credit. Accept it 🙂

      Robert G. Longpré

      October 6, 2010 at 5:52 pm

  2. Thank you for your response Robert.
    The reason that I put my question is the fact that I am trying to “understand” you.
    The problem (when one would call it a problem) for me is, that when I meet somebody new, I have to figure out on what “wavelength” the other person “talks” in order to understand the other person better.
    I think that I can explain it as an sort of urge of interest from my side – but I believe that most of the times this “effort” goes for the other person (to me) as well.
    So, thanks to your response and honesty – you have enabled me to understand and know you and myself a little bit better.
    Smile, no, don’t worry – after all these years I can recognize the “real stuff” from the “New Age mysticism and guru stuff”.

    Opa Bear

    October 7, 2010 at 6:42 pm

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