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Failure of Revolutions

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I am posting this photo today in anticipation of a day trip to see what is considered to be an ancient city a few hours away from my home in ChangZhou.  I still find a fascination with Chinese culture that is reflected in the style of gardens and habitation construction that honours the past.  Embracing the past is almost a mantra, a demonstration of pride that helps remove the stain of the not so distant past that tried to deny the aristocratic, dynastic and poetic soul of China.

A cultural revolution tried to move the Chinese psyche into a new place that denied the past.  Modern China has survived this cultural revolution and now re-embraces that past even though there is much that is dark about that past.

One cannot deny one’s shadow, one’s darkness by waging war on it.  Revolutions will fail where they don’t account for the darkness on both sides, darkness and shadows that will rise again in a New Order, a new culture.  Even on a personal level, one will fail to become a saint, a follower of the light when one denies the darkness that is part of self.

When one doesn’t acknowledge darkness, one becomes the possessed tool of darkness.  In the end, it becomes trading one flavour of darkness for another.


Written by Robert G. Longpré

March 19, 2011 at 7:14 am

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