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Twin Towers of ChangZhou

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ChangZhou City Hall, April 2011

The twin towers of ChanZhou City Hall seem to rise out of a tree filled with blossoms.  I have taken quite a few different views of the city hall towers for a number of reasons including the project of a book that will feature how ChangZhou is seen and understood from the perspective of a foreigner or laowai.  The correct term is actually waiguoren. Laowai has a double-edged meaning, one that is disrespectful when used in terms of a stranger, and one that is more friendly when used in reference to a foreigner one knows and likes.  No surprise here as many words are double-edged in terms of communicative meaning.

These towers are also a subject for my record of life as a foreigner in ChangZhou.  I have taken photos of these towers over a period of five years showing how the landscape around the towers is in constant change, showing the towers surrounded by undeveloped land, then with the Grand Theatre as a compliment when the theatre was completed.

But, for the purposes of this blog site, the towers are representative of the conscious principle or the masculine.  As I see the towers, they come to represent not only the masculine energy of the city and of the country, but also the shadow.  For me, a man, the shadow is masculine just as my ego is masculine.  A masculine consciousness and unconscious standing together and linked.  This is not much different that the notion of Christ and Satan standing side by side, two faces, two polarities of the whole.

And as the photo suggests, the masculine arises from the soul, the feminine.  The unconscious whole is the womb from which consciousness arises.  Something to think about.


Written by Robert G. Longpré

April 2, 2011 at 10:42 am

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