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Active Imagination: Escape From Being a Victim

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I felt that this is a perfect photo in which to engage in a bit of active imagination – looking at another possible universe through an opening that somehow emerges from our limited level of consciousness.  It’s easy to imagine a paradise, a utopia of colour and shape that blends nature and man when we look outside of our daily worldview.  Most of us take on a self-definition that sets limits on who we are and what we can do.  With that box built, we become beleaguered by anything and everything that is different.

We shape ourselves  as victims of the otherness, even when we dominate the otherness.  Now, how does this make sense?  Think of the abuser who batters his or her children, his or her spouse – their common complaint “you made me do it” is repeated over and over again suggesting that the abuser believes that they are the victims, not the perpetrators.  On a less extreme scale, but infinitely worse are the collectives who operate as mobs, as collectives with one voice and one worldview, collectives such as religions and political groups.  Our nastiest atrocities on each other has been through these collectives.  The evidence of partisanship bent on destruction is seen in America, Europe, and Canada, as well as the major religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  Accepting self identification with a group traps a person and blinds a person to other possibilities.  The world ceases to be a colourful place and takes on a black and white aspect where each side is white with the other side being black – each side believes that God is on their side.  And in the process of claiming these collective identities, one claims being a victim.

It is only through active imagination that we find an opportunity to see other plausibilities in a non-destructive, non-threatening manner.  One steps aside from being victim and sees what one could be, what the world could be.  What is rarely realised is the fact that these utopic worlds are not places of imagination, they are real places.  Of course, one can also get there via a different route, that through reducing all to ashes and building anew out of the ashes.  Personally, I would try the route of active imagination rather than pursue a path of denial and destruction.


2 Responses

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  1. There is an illusion in our collective that actually lays the foundation of our victimization patterns. Without addressing this illusion, we remain at its mercy, for the very idea of be-ing “victims” is one activated by our creative imaginations in the first place.

    I would share it is of benefit to examine our feelings, our emotions, and determine the resonance of them. Most of us have been taught to blame how we feel on outer situations or other people. However, I would bring forth that our emotions are our own. They are products called “peptides” produced by our hypothalamus and when these peptides flood every cell in our body, we call it “feeling”.

    Based on the type of ideas I am entertaining, my hypothalamus will produce a resultant feeling experience. It’s simple cause and effect, “reaping and sowing”. Peel the veil away from the illusion of not being the creators of our own feelings and we’d ‘see’ how much physical abuse has simply been an effect of emotional and mental abuse in the form of blame.

    If I don’t like the way I feel when I look at something, then I learn to look at it different.

    Before Peace can ever become a condition of our world, it has to become our response to it and that requires being accountable for our response-abilities.

    Always embraces all ways.

    Sue Ann Edwards

    April 21, 2011 at 3:33 am

    • You are right to link in the body as a critical consideration. In taking care of the psyche, one needs to care for the body in order to achieve balance. But it has to be about balance of both body and psyche, something which many overlook. Thanks 🙂


      April 25, 2011 at 6:54 am

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