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Disconnect Between Consciousness and Collective Unconscious

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I’ve been trying for two days to get access to this out of mainland China web service in order to write a blog post.  Sometimes I get to write for a few minutes and then lose contact with the site as though a door has been shut.  I can’t use a VPN during these moments as well.  There appears to be a lot of tweaking and testing of the national firewall.  When the blocks go in place I still have access to Chinese mainland sites which tells me it is all about firewalls.  This photo is actually representative of the experience.

I see it as China on one side, and the Internet world outside of China on the other side of the bridge.  The government agencies appear to be working at plugging the entrance to the rest of the Internet world at its end of the bridge.

I guess this isn’t much different that what we do as individuals in order to block out reality when we retreat within ourselves.  It becomes a lot like “don’t turn on the lights, I don’t want to see.”  There is a different message also underlying what is happening.  In many places, warrantless Internet surveillance is becoming the norm as governments try to deal with terrorists threats.  With the reality that most governments are fronts for vested corporate interests and an increasingly right-wing ideology, what  freedoms are going to be allowed?  The tools exist for governments to fully control the message and the message carriers – the bridges that link one person to another over distance and time.

I admit to feeling the weight and the darkness of the collective unconscious which has been let loose.  It’s as though the collective unconscious has barricaded its end of the bridge which connects to consciousness so that its power goes unchecked.


2 Responses

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  1. One of the downsides of being a Jungian is the pessimism; I don’t see much optimism in the classic writings mankind can get a grasp on the collective Shadow.


    May 11, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    • That is a condition that seems to come with growing more conscious, seeing the world as it is, rather than seeing it from a narrower lens – Pollyanna-type lens for example. Sometimes it irks me when I see New Age sites that promise happiness, a world of all flowers and sunshine, if only certain rituals and thinking patterns are held as truths – that is more about denying so much of one’s self and so much of the world at the same time. Yes, Urspo, perhaps it is better to be simple, to be naive and trust in a god that will protect you from all darkness and all storms – that said, I am thankful for more, even if it means walking sometimes in the dark shadows.


      May 11, 2011 at 6:17 pm

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