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Kensington Market

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This scene was found in Kensington Market just on the edge of Chinatown, Toronto.  The area is a popular destination for those wanting to escape too much “normal” life, wanting to safely peek at the edges of a different world, a world that is strangely attractive.  One enters Kensington fully aware that it is a show for the most part.

Sidewalk recording session

The people are wearing disguises, playing a great game of pretend, both viewers and actors.  Small cafés are strategically placed to allow one to watch the flow of both actors and viewers who are unknowingly now part of the play.  Little do any of them realise that this is the same play that happens when one returns to the life one lives outside of the colour of Kensington.

A mime artist pleading his case in silence

Looking deeper behind the edges of scenes on the streets and behind the brightly painted doors, there is a  discernible unease and tension between the acting and the shadowy, messy stuff of the inner world.  It is almost as if the acting was more an act of desperation to externalize the turbulence.

We are drawn to the shadow, to the collective unconscious which is a magnet for our personal unconscious.  Feeling safe behind our disguises, we enter into the street theatre knowing that “home” is just moments away.


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