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On Being Vital in Late Life

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Odd man out

Yesterday evening I went out with my camera to get sunset photos for my upcoming SoFoBoMo photo book project.  I have narrowed down the project in terms of photographic elements.  Originally I had thought of using four locations with each location providing four small sets of photos: dawn, late morning/noon, late afternoon/sunset, night.  The time aspect is an attempt to match the seasons of life, and the journey of individuation.  What has changed is my decision to have only one setting instead of four.  I had originally planned on using an urban setting, a rail line setting, an abandoned farmyard setting and a prairie hills and valleys setting.  The final choice is the rail line setting as it allows me to plot the journey of individuation as though following the road of iron.

I won’t likely bring the rail photos destined for the book here but I will bring photos taken on the periphery of the rail and from the other sites.  Yes, I am still making the photographic journeys to the abandoned farm yard and to the prairie hills as though they were part of the book.  This photo of a sow thistle as it is known here, is also known as milk thistle where I grew up.  I did a basic search and found out this about the milk thistle in Psychology Today:

Researchers studied the effects of St. John’s wort, ginger, echinacea, green tea and milk thistle on the white blood cells and nerve cells of mice. Milk thistle was the only herb that boosted both the immune and nervous systems, helping nerve cells produce more neurites and keeping cells alive longer.” ( Linda Formichelli, published on March 01, 2002)

Interesting facts and probably quite useful, a wild plant that is about keeping one more “vital.”  It isn’t necessarily about living longer, but in living and feeling more alive until that point in time where one shifts from this form of consciousness made manifest as a human.


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