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Up In The Air

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I took this photo two days ago and find that it an appropriate image for today’s post which I am writing while sitting in my second airport of the day.  I guess I could legitimately say I am spending a good part of my day up in the air.  It will be good to finally arrive at my home later in the day, but even there life is somewhat up in the air as my brother-in-law, Michael will be staying in the house and I will be his chaperon/guide for the next few days.  For those who have been following for some time, you will know Michael as a young man who has Alzheimer’s.  It will be good to be with him again but at the same time, he serves as a reminder to me of how fragile and tenuous our time as conscious beings is in the world.  I see in Michael my own fading from consciousness back into a shadow world and eventually back into the darkness from where my existence sprung more than sixty years ago.

I am finished with the selection of photos and the placing of the photos in a paged document that will become a PDF and ebook in the near future.  The writing component of the book is underway and has altered from my original intentions largely due to my experiences in British Columbia with my mother, her mate, and my brother.  Light and Shadow – consciousness and unconsciousness the circular journey that ends where it begins though it seems linear to our western world minds.  As you know, I am using the visual of a rail track as the “linear” approach as I follow the day from dawn to sunset where light produces large shadows that  shrink as one approaches midday and then lengthen again as one approaches the ending of the day.  This is a journey that is about light, about being up in the air in terms of conscious awareness of self.  As consciousness wanes, one is again brought back to earth to become again part of the earth.  For our minds, this is a one-way journey from birth to death, a straight line as if we are literally on a rail track rushing towards the end of the journey.

I have another four days left to finish the book and publish it to the SoFoBoMo site.  I will make it available here as well on the “free ebook” page as well at the same time.  Now, back to the business of flying.


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