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A Place Called Home

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Home in a box - Changzhou, China

It’s been a long day and I wondered if I would even get the energy to write this evening. It has been a full day of classes at the university with three courses over the morning and afternoon, usually enough to leave me tired. Yet, the day was not done as I caught a bus into the centre of the city to visit a dentist where I spent yet another hour and a bit in his chair. It was nudging darkness by the time I arrived back at my apartment, back home.

It is strange how I have come to define home for myself. Home really isn’t a constant physical place, has never really been a constant physical place as far as my head was concerned. Growing up in a gypsy-like fashion constantly changing addresses about two or three times a year for the first dozen years and then at a bit slower pace for the next six years, home seemed to be a place where my parents found a place for us to sleep even if it was a motel for two or three weeks. Things settled down as I sat still for almost twenty years in a small Canadian prairie town while my own children took turns going to school – same school for all three until the last graduated. And then, I again began to wander. In looking back at the flow of addresses that I have called home, this apartment in China is a place that has now moved into third spot for duration now that I am in my fourth year of teaching at the same university. However I look at it, home was never a box, but for me, a state of mind.

Now that I have basically come to terms with who I am, I am less restless in terms of searching out for a physical place in which I will find a home. I know now that it doesn’t take much for a physical place to now become a home for me. But, I wonder in the end where will I sit still for my last years? What do I need from a physical place that will add to experienced of being settled? Of course I don’t have answers at this time. It is enough that I am at home with myself.

And for those who might wonder; no, this is not my home in China.  🙂


Written by Robert G. Longpré

September 20, 2011 at 7:30 pm

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