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A Time For Shadow Work

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Lunar eclipse - China 2011

Moments before full lunar eclipse - China 2011

Yesterday, as I returned home from a dinner with education and government people regarding the opening of a new International school in the city scheduled for the next school year, I was amazed by the beginning of a full lunar eclipse. I spent more than an hour outside in freezing temperatures capturing the event on my camera. I am bringing two of the images here, an early image and one taken near the point of full eclipse. As I was taking these photos I knew that they would find a place here.

I found the following quotation at the Wisdom of Astrology site:

Lunar eclipses emphasize awareness of personal matters and relationships, now doubly so since this Solstice eclipse deals with releasing old emotional patterns of a Cancerian nature. “. . .total lunar eclipse . . . amplifies our opportunities for transformation. New pathways and options appear as old networks dissolve. During an eclipse, the continual streams of electromagnetic energy from the Sun and Moon are interrupted, weakening the Earth’s force fields as well as our own and thus making it easier to shift grids, dimensions and the configuration of our consciousness.” Stephanie Austin, The Mountain Astrologer, Dec/Jan 2011

I was particularly struck by the reference to the “Cancerian nature.” If I am to take anything from these words, it is that the moment is at hand for me to shift onto newer pathways. This notion of shifting is one that has been in place for me for the past month, a psychological shifting. The way of being in the world has been through work and through entrenched patterns of relationship behaviours. The decision to end the work patterns has been made and with the finalisation of this last contract, I will find myself actively creating new patterns. The work has already begun, partly through more engagement here and more engagement within my relationships. The shifting is one that has effected more than myself, it has also included shifting in terms of family.

But more than anything else, for me, the full lunar eclipse symbolizes a time for serious shadow work. After all, the break between the sun and the moon by the earth, where the unconscious is fully in shadow tells me that access to this nether region of the psyche is ripe. What we do with this opportunity for even greater self discovery is up to ourselves. There is freedom of choice, all is not controlled by fate.


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