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Building Boundaries For Self Identity

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Barriers of broken glass

As I walk around the gated community in which I am residing while in Thailand, I noticed this barrier that is meant to separate and to protect the residents of the gated community from the darker forces on the other side of the “wall” that is topped with broken glass. I am on the inside of the community looking out, safe within the community.

But really, is one keeping the riff-raff out, or is one being kept in place by the riff-raff. Who is imprisoned?

The image could well be a representation of the ego building walls to keep out the personal and collective unconscious. This is what the ego does in order to build a sense of self. From the chaos of the whole one needs to carve out a small space in which to have a sense of self as separate from other. When the boundaries fall, the self gets lost in the whole. Yet, paradoxically, the whole is contained within the self – the personal and collective unconscious is within the barricaded protective areas unknown to the ego.


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  1. Dear Robert,
    Again a great and interesting Post – a special your question of Who is imprisoned.

    When reading this Post, the images came to me linked to other forms of Separateness.
    The way that we think, caused by our projections and denials, and the way that other people think according to their projections and denials.

    Example of being Separated In ourselves and being separated from others :
    When we experience our own way of thinking/ideas – it is OK, it is familiar, it is our own – there is no need to let the Instinct of survival aggression lose.
    When we are confronted with other people and their ideas that contradict with our ideas (because of our projections and denials) – immediately our survival aggression is on the loose to protect ourselves (Ego protection), and we don’t want any part in the ideas of the other person – and Separation is a fact.

    Because we are BLIND of the “things” that are closer than our hands and feet.

    The backside of the page can provide us insides to see.
    Suppose we are confronted with other people and we are Conscious that because of our own projections and denials, these people have ideas that are contradict to our ideas.
    When we can bring ourselves to true Respect, and we can become Aware that the whole personification of the other person is also part of ourselves – it could happen through this recognition – that we are able to accept these other ideas as our own.
    And then when we allow this to happen, in a miraculous way, the survival aggression disappears – and we can become at peace with the other person.
    This doesn’t mean that I exchanged my ideas for the ideas of the other.

    There is so much more to say about this issue, but there is one example I want to add.
    The World Wide protest a short time ago when protestors demanded worldwide changes.
    All these protesters proclaimed the changes that they had in mind and what they thought were the only proper changes.
    They didn’t bother to listen to the ideas of the other protestors, it ended up to be a chicken barn – because of their Blindness of Separation.

    Opa Bear

    January 28, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    • The world wide protest is now back on again. I have had Michael Meades books brought to my attention as he has written extensively about the “endarkenment” (versus the period of “enlightenment”) that is now our dominating out cycles of ascent and descent. Thanks as always, Opa, for your thoughtful response to the post.


      January 30, 2012 at 4:58 pm

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