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Holy Marriage of Light and Dark

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Held securely within the centre

I took a number of “flower” photos yesterday afternoon to add to the growing collection of such photos which will be part of the “record” of having been in Thailand. Yesterday’s photos were all about Lotus flowers such as this one. In a small area, I found four different colours of lotus flowers from white to dark blue/purple.

And then this morning, I went for a walk in order to visit a working Buddhist temple not too far from the beach and found this image in the back outdoor balcony which has a version of Buddha standing on a lotus flower.

I have to say that Buddhism has a certain appeal that resonates with the spiritual centre of whatever it is that makes us all humans. But of course the same can and must be said for all faces of spirit that have found an expression through religion, art, music, meditation and in sex.

Most religions try to deny, banish, vilify sex as something dark and evil. But nature tells us otherwise. There can be no lotus, no Buddha, no spirit without Eros – love, co-mingling, communion, without the joining of the darkness and the light.

As I make a journey, my individual journey, I can only become whole in acknowledging the darkness as well as the light that is found within. To deny my own darkness, my inner feminine, my very soul in an attempt to embrace only the light, the spirit, the inner masculine, would be to suffer and irreparable psychosis an unholy act of divorcing the soul from the spirit. It is paradoxical that only in embracing my own darkness in order to have it sit on the same throne as the darkness can I attain that true sense of saintliness, of holiness, that comes with being a whole person.


Written by Robert G. Longpré

February 1, 2012 at 1:06 pm

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