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The Real Gift of Love – Raw, Healing Honesty

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A gift of love

Each day while I am engaged in my early morning meditation, my wife goes jogging. Each morning since we’ve been in Thailand, she has returned from her jog with a flower that had fallen from some tree as a gift to me, a promise that through the process of healing, we are in it together. This flower was yesterday’s found treasure.

The real treasure I get each morning is not the flower, but the promise. The promise is not a “till death do us part” promise, but a more realistic one that says for today and for the process of getting me back into analysis in Canada, helping as we go through the process of resigning our university posts and all the small details such as accommodations, travel, etc. The promise looks at both her need and my need, needs that are constantly shifting. Because of the shifting, it becomes more honest to talk about “one day at a time” rather than some mythical “eyes wide shut” fairy-tale future.

We celebrate our years together and another day together with a hope for more to come, but ready to be honest if that somehow shifts in one or both of us. Raw honesty and that is healing. And I look at the flower and see both of us, separate but held together by choice.


Written by Robert G. Longpré

February 2, 2012 at 2:08 pm

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