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In Search of a Safety Net

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Have the gods fled leaving modern man alone crippled in the rubble?

The question in the photo’s caption is one that is vital for all of humanity in today’s world, not just a personal question. After writing these lines, my Daily Om meditation arrived in my mail box:

When we continually live our life

with a safety net

it creates a barrier to our freedom.

(Daily Om, March 21, 2012)

In a way, the gods and goddesses and our temples in their names were our psychic safety nets. As they fled, we got lost and we abandoned the temples, leaving them in ruin, leaving them to bare witness to our loss, our sense of hopelessness. Why did they leave us? Well, they didn’t. They fled the temples because they yearned for their rightful home, within us. We banished the gods and goddesses to temples, built walls around our psyches to keep them out. We wanted them to be “out there” somewhere to be a buffer between our fragile sense of self and the cruel world of nature and other men. We refused our own freedom and strength.

And today, will we dare the hard work of going within to find these gods and goddesses who wait for us? Or, will we find new gods and goddesses such as the economy, property, relationships, drugs, alcohol, sex, power and ownership of things we will never need? Modern man is in trouble, and will continue his race into oblivion if he cannot reconnect with his own soul, a soul which is the true safety net.


2 Responses

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  1. Dear Daring One !

    Man made Buildings can become Ruins in time, because the Spirit is gone.

    Man made Persona’s (buildings) can become Ruined in time, because the Spirit is gone.
    We are left in Chaos – but then, for the ones who dare, we are given the opportunity to experience the Birth and Rise of our Phoenix from the ashes.

    For the ones who dare to confront the self created Hell, our Shadow !
    For the ones who dare to confront Baphomet, the master of our Shadow Chart XV from the Arcana’s.

    And then I think most significant is the battle of Jacob with the Angel during the whole night.
    And at dawn, Jacob promised to let the Angel go, but not before the Angel had blessed Jacob.
    And the Angel blessed Jacob and gave him a new name Ish – Ra – El, what means Warrior of God.

    This is what your Posts over the last days learned me – May you be Blessed !

    Opa Bear

    March 22, 2012 at 11:01 am

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