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Road Map To Health – Part Four

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New Life Out of the Muck - Samsara and the Journey to enlightenment

I was thinking of a friend, Walt, who is continuing his journey as he battles cancer. While I was going over the notes I made from the Guy Corneau presentation in March here in Calgary, I found something that I need to revisit for my own process. This post is dedicated to Walt and all others who find that they are struggling with living and perhaps with dying. That said, here are my notes from the first session of the presentation:

  • The “body understands our feeling more than it understands what has happens to the body” – what we “feel” about an injury or an illness has greater impact on the body than the actual illness or injury.
  • Illness has improved my life
  • “creating an alter reality, a preferential reality is needed for rejuvenating the self
  • We are “walking tentatively in life behind our many protective layers
  • We “need to be rooted back into life
  • listening to the psyche, living authentically
    • Believe in life
    • Dare to live
    • Leaving darkness
    • Giving up pretences
    • No energy to push and deny
    • Intimate choices – new life or death/darkness
  • using active imagination to create a positive vision for self
  • “daily practices honouring body, mind, soul and spirit”
  • “daring to risk when there is nothing to lose but darkness and fear”
  • “we have a subscription for unhappiness that we find hard to cancel”
  • “healing comes from inside – thoughts, feelings, needs, beliefs

This is what I will use as the base for my post. It is also what I will need to use to create my own preferential reality. What do I want, really want for my self, to honour my soul and spirit? I need to address this clearly so that I can talk clearly about this need and in speaking clearly I will be able to chart the steps needed to get there. With a plan I can then be honest with my self and

others rather than continually saying “I don’t know” every time I am asked “What do you want?”


Written by Robert G. Longpré

May 4, 2012 at 6:03 am

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