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Getting Stuck in La La Land

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Descent and Decay

I am bringing a fragment of a dream here as it allows me to engage in a dialogue that perhaps needs to be spoken. I am not sure what this will look like when it is finished but I am trusting in the process to unearth something perhaps useful. In this particular dream I found myself in an audience in which there is a sense that the audience would become the real place of drama. On the stage are two men who are visible but there are others lurking in the background. One of the men is tall and thin and more like a form of a man with unfinished face as though an ancient one; the second man is very short and where the tall man had lost facial features and was more about flowing lines, this man had very sharp features as though more of a drawing than of flesh. As I watch they begin to talk.

Now before “imagining” their conversation, I want to be clear that what I am to say wasn’t spoken in the dream. Even in bringing the above details to you, I have expanded from the original dream journal notes in order to attempt to capture the presence that I felt more than saw. Of course, the characters and objects in any dream are all aspects of self of which we are not really aware as these aspects delve into layer upon layer as they sink from the personal unconscious into the depths of the collective unconscious before disappearing into an emptiness/fullness of all becoming one.  Enough said; now the dialogue.

S.M. Ha! Just look at them [pointing at the audience]! Some audience. Did you ever see such a bleak place? There’s no colour here; everything and everyone is mostly shades of gray and black – shadows and outlines. [turns and looks at the Tall Man] Ha! It’s like looking at you!

T.M. Hmm – except for that one at the edge. He’s fidgeting. I can see him as clear as day.

S.M. Ha! He’s got reason to fidget. It’s his dream.

T.M. He’s trying to blend in with the others in the audience.  Hmm, I think he’s actually scared.

S.M. Good luck in trying to fade into the background is all I can say. He hasn’t figured out that the others in the audience aren’t real people. He’s so focused on us he has no energy left to flesh out his audience.

T.M. We aren’t real either. But none-the-less, we are here and they are there even if they are only ghosts and possibilities. What do you think, should we bring the audience up here on stage? If he can’t find a use for his audience, I am sure we could use them.

S.M. Ha! He’ll never now what hit him! We’ll use that energy to gain control of him.

T.M. Are you ready to place your bet yet? Who gets to claim his soul? Will it be you or me?

Now, that sure didn’t go as planned.  Now, I want to shift this if I can to engage these two in a dialogue with me (ego).

Ego Who are you guys? And why do you look so strange?

T.M. We look this way because this is how you made us look. By the way, I am your shadow.

S.M. I am his shadow! 

Ego You are both my shadow? I thought I only had one shadow?

S.M. You obviously don’t know everything. I am your “personal” shadow. He’s the shadow that is what you call the shadow of the “collective.”

Ego Oh, of course. I do understand – personal unconscious, collective unconscious.

T.M. Well, it is not quite that – shadow is the word – your shadow in layers with one layer close to the surface and one deeper connected to the collective unconscious.

Ego So why are you in my dream?

S.M. Duh! You brought us here. Well, that is only part of the truth. Something is going on that allowed us to come here and talk with you. You needed us to put in an appearance.

Ego I need you?

T.M. Yes. You need us. You have to face the fact that we are here, always here.

S.M. Ya! You are in some deep shit right now. You don’t get your shit together, we  take over.

Ego So that’s what the betting is about?

S.M. You got it! I win and you become crazy, looney tunes. He wins and you become a living zombie. 

Ego So how do I get out of this mess?

S.M. You expect us to tell you? Get real!

T.M. You get out of this mess by making choices. You don’t make the choices, don’t do the work, we choose for you.

Ego Thanks.  I need to think about this.

S.M. Don’t think about it too long and use the excuse that you are “holding the tension.”  You think too long and you get stuck in “La la land.”  Ha ha – that’s a good one – La la land.


Written by Robert G. Longpré

May 16, 2012 at 6:05 am

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