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ChangZhou, China - April 2007

In looking through my photo archives for a picture that I intended to put on my wall here in Calgary, I came upon this image that I took while walking down the street in the city of ChangZhou which was my home for three and a half years. I was looking for a “river” photo for China that would keep company with my river photos of the Mekong as seen in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia during the first months of 2011. That I found this particular photo the day after discussing the I-Ching here seemed to be auspicious – or – synchronistic.

Almost as soon as I wrote these words, I have to say that I am not a Taoist, nor do I get much involved with any of the many faces of the parapsychological and the paranormal such as tarot, astrology, or whatever. I don’t understand them and I don’t pretend a very deep interest. In saying this, I don’t discount them either. I personally just use what works for me.  If I had to give it some sort of a name, I would have to say that I follow “Robertism,” a spiritual path of one.  Not a large congregation to be sure; but, it is the best one that I have found. All that I can say is that what I do have for my spiritual path is something that doesn’t change much. I don’t have the energy, time or inclination to continue “sampling” the various spiritual and psychological paths looking for something quicker or better.

Interestingly enough, Jack Kornfield, in his book, A Path With Heart, has this to say – another synchronicity that I found after taking a break from writing today’s blog post (sometimes it takes a full day to write a post – waiting for the words. In the case of this post, I have worked on it for two days.):

“If we do a little of one kind of practice and a little of another, the work we have done in one often doesn’t continue to build as we change to the next. It is as if we were to dig many shallow wells instead of one deep one. In continually moving from one approach to another, we are never forced to face our own boredom, impatience, and fears. We are never brought face to face with ourselves. So we need to choose a way of practice that is deep and ancient and connected with our hearts, and then make a commitment to follow it as long as it takes to transform ourselves.” (Kornfield, p. 34)

This was a powerful set of words for me to hear, words that kept me awake for too many hours while I sought to clarify exactly what was my practice of depth, if any. In the process of wrestling with these words and their resonances, I realised that I was deeply committed to Jungian psychology, Buddhist meditation, and a curious blend of Celtic, Christian and First Nations’ spiritualism. My ancestral roots are a blend of Celtic, Christian and First Nation bloodlines. Buddhism and Jungian psychology, together, serve as the mortar holding these diverse pieces together. My task is then to honour this curious, individual path as I know that it is only via this path that I will find the depth and meaning that defines what it is to be “Robert.”


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  1. Dear Robert,
    Thank you for this Post.
    I think that the “Solution” that you came to after letting the words of Kornfield sink in, is fascinating !
    With this solution it seems that you are able to remove a veil that covered the entrance to a new doorway.
    Your Solution is not only a discovery for you, but serves me as well and I hope for many of your readers.
    With your Solution, in my opinion, you are able to recognize and remove certain (unnecessary) factors of distraction that accompanied you in your life and by doing so make your path less covered with mist.

    Opa Bear

    June 1, 2012 at 2:22 am

    • Yes, Opa, the path does become a bit more distinct. It is as though one needs to discover the path in the mist, one baby-step at a time. Thanks for your words of encouragement.


      June 5, 2012 at 8:59 am

  2. Es un gran placer leer cosas tan interesantes. Ahora mismo lo voy a postear en mi blog, saludos!!

    pinchar aqui

    November 8, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    • Gracias por visitar mi blog, Bea. Su AstroBlog blog de la astrología es intrigante.


      November 8, 2012 at 4:08 pm

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