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What is a Dream Quest?

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Sitting in darkness looking out through blinds at a world of light and colourI took a few photos

I took a few photos yesterday evening as the sun finally appeared and painted golden scenes outside my window. I was intrigued by the light and the colour in contrast to what had been a gray and dreary day of cloud and rain.

Now, an attempt at opening the Pandora’s Box exploring what I would consider to be my dreams. What are my dreams, my visions for myself? I have talked a lot about returning to the role of counsellor an idea that has been in my head for the past ten years, since I gave up that role in the world of education. To return means to obtain certification outside the world of education and educational psychology. This is something that I know I am good at, something that gives me a sense of worth and value, especially now that I have retired. Part of that desire is to both fill some of my hours and to fill my head. There are no real obstacles getting in the way of following up on this particular dream. Yet, I wonder if this is more about keeping busy rather than following my bliss.  It seems I have lost the key that would open up the inner voices that would affirm or not, what is a real dream of being and doing versus what is just distracting me from the fact that there is nothing there within me serving as a dream for my dream quest.

I have somewhat vague ideas of things I would like to try, but I don’t know if they could be called dreams. One of the ideas that come to mind are to walk el camino de Santiago and to wander other parts of the world. I don’t know if this is just a distraction or a real dream. This idea first came to me when I read about the pilgrimage in one of Paulo Coehlo’s books. I wonder now what it would be like to make this pilgrimage beginning each walking day with Buddhist meditation, not rushing the pilgrimage and taking time to be present in place and in self along the journey. I begin to think of the process of the pilgrimage as an 800 kilometre long meditation and exploration of my body and my my psyche. I guess this does make the idea a dream of sorts. What I don’t know is if I will do this, risk doing this or whether I would just leave it in my mind as another intellectual idea, or if this is just another distraction that appears in the absence of a real dream.

So many padded walls and doorless doorways that serve as blinders; I had thought that I might  actually reach for something in taking this challenge of exploring my dreams, but I keep coming up empty as though I am dipping into a well using a pail riddled with holes. I have built too many layers of blinds that separate the core of my self from the world I find myself so that when I try to find that core self I find something blurry like the scene outside my window in the photo above.

All of that said, I know that I am going forward, trusting the journey, trusting that The Way is unfolding as it should. And for me, that is a real Hero’s Journey.


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  1. Dear Robert,
    Thank you for this interesting Post about Dreams of and in Life and Picture.

    By our intellect we can become conscious of our life dreams, like you wrote “an intellectual idea” – but this life dream is not created by the intellect, it is created by our fantasy…..!

    You have this dream of a Pilgrimage, to travel the road or the path to Santiago – el Camino de Santiago.
    As you wrote a journey of 800 kilometers.

    I am sure that in this dream you have considered and maybe more all of the agony to walk this road – the hot sun, the thirst, the hunger, the loneliness, the dusty long road that lays ahead of you, hill up, hill down seeming endless and the pain in your body because your muscles protest – and last but not least how many times the thought of giving up this walk entered your mind.

    Does this sounds familiar to you ?
    You also wrote: “I have built too many layers of blinds that separate the core of my self from the world I find myself so that when I try to find that core self I find something blurry like the scene outside my window in the photo above”.

    Could it be, that you are in one way or the other you are unaware that this Pilgrimage is already manifesting itself IN your psyche ?
    Could it be, that in your fantasy el Camino de Santiago, is loaded with messages of the Self which are not or not enough noticed ?
    Could it be that when this is so – that in one way you walk “el Camino de Satiago” but in another way you walk “Perder el Camino de Santiago “ ?
    (Perder el Camino, translated means, get lost, lose the way, in French en perte and perdu).

    Could it be that Life, in the one case let you experience all evil contained that once was in the Box of Pandora, but was set free – and in the other case supplied you with the only one thing that was left in the Box, namely, Elpis, the Spirit of Hope.

    I truly hope that on your journey you finally can lessen your thirst with water that has turned into wine.

    Opa Bear

    June 27, 2012 at 4:02 am

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