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The Three Sisters

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Three Sisters Mountain – Canmore, B.C. – October 2012

Originally, these three peaks were called the Three Nuns. The name was changed to the Three Sisters in keeping with the shift to the dominant Protestant human presence in western Canada. The sisters are Faith, Charity and Hope – or Big, Middle and Little. My mind immediately seized upon a more mythological viewpoint with the first thoughts emerging being that of the Three Graces and that of the Three Muses.

Three Graces as found in a 1st century fresco in Pompeii, Italy.

There are differences in the ideas Three Sisters, Three Nuns, Three Graces and Three Muses. However, I tend to look at the bigger picture that emerges for me, three aspects of the feminine consciousness in the psyche of a man. One thing that all have in common is that they were named by men. And since they were the given these names by men, it is important to realise that they can only be truly understood by a man’s way of understanding the feminine. Men worship the feminine. In the presence of the feminine, they know that they are incomplete without the feminine.

Men have tried since the dawn of mankind, to possess the feminine that is embodied in a woman. Men literally ache in the absence of the feminine. The sense of emptiness overwhelms and with that sense of need overpowering his thinking, he engages in all sorts of addictions in an attempt to fill the void.

I am no different. I once thought that it was enough to marry a beautiful woman. And for a time, it did seem enough as we built a life, a home and a family together. But it wasn’t about possessing a woman, I still found a void, a black hole within that needed filling. Career and running and music didn’t fill the void either though I engaged more and more of my conscious activity to these pursuits in search of what was missing in me. It wasn’t until my psyche demanded my full attention via crisis, soul crisis, that I was able to begin understanding what I needed. I was compelled to look within and allow the feminine aspects of my self, my soul, to emerge from the shadows where they were imprisoned.

I am learning and discovering much though there is so much yet to be set free from the shadows within. Perhaps I will discover what those discovered thousands of years ago – my own three queens.


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