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Breaking Through Boundaries

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It's all about living fully in one's outer world - or is it?

It’s all about living fully in one’s outer world – or is it?

“. . . people get into trouble when they separate their spiritual search from their emotional life and their relationships.”  [Moore, The Soul’s Religion, p. xvii]

I used to think that what was my inner life, if I dared even admit that there was an inner life, definitely had nothing to do with my life in the outer world, the world of work, family, and engagement with people, places and things. Trying hard to keep the inner world of spirit and soul, separate from my engagement in the world outside of my head, however, only lead to problems in both inner and outer world. Now if only I had read the words above earlier in my life – and if I was able to hear  the message, perhaps I would have been in less trouble. But, it is useless to deal in “only if’s.”

One does have to be ready to admit and risk crossing the boundaries that have been carefully constructed over a lifetime. Our minds build walls to hold back shadows, the ghosts of one’s past, and the strange presences and voices that populate our dreams and nightmares. The only thing, the only person one can truly trust is the self, the ego. One even begins to question the reality in front of one’s eyes. It takes a leap of faith to dare breaching these carefully constructed boundaries, our personal private straight jackets.

“The point of spirituality is to find a way to break the boundaries of reason and ego.” [p. xix]

And, as I have been learning and experiencing, it is through allowing spirituality into my world, that I begin to heal the soul so long denied.


Written by Robert G. Longpré

August 5, 2013 at 10:09 am

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