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Life as a Cyclical Journey Reaching For Gold

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We all have moments of being golden.

We all have moments of being golden.

It looks as though today will be a cold day with the morning only showing brief glimpses of the sun. The leaves on my apple tree have mostly all fallen off the tree which I photographed eight days ago. Life is just like that. First one is green, then one turns into gold and then it is all gone as though to sleep. It makes me realise just how brief our lives are.

When I looked out into the back yard just moments ago, and saw the leaves on the ground, it reminded me of the cover photo of Pema Chodron’s book, When Things Fall Apart. And that, reminded me of the how life must fall apart so that we can find the will to transform ourselves, to risk the journey of individuation.

The journey begins as we fall from the light of a somewhat limited consciousness. We fall into shadow, into a world that is leafless and populated with ghosts, ghosts of our complexes and their roots in ancient archetypal presences. With almost no light to guide us, we are left to trust to instinct and intuition to navigate the darkness. Eventually we reach awareness, the lights come back on, and we re-enter life with a new sense of presence, no different that the leaves returning a vibrant, translucent green on the apple tree to begin again the birthing of new fruit, of new consciousness.

And, like the eternal cycles of nature of birth, growth, maturing, descending and what appears to be a death of sorts; our journey of individuation cycles again and again, perhaps even as Buddhists tell us, even into future lives.


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  1. Nicely said.


    October 24, 2013 at 10:30 pm

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