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Whole and Holy

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I am finding it more difficult to write at times. With keeping busy and present in daily life, there is less energy and time for the inner life. As I understand that it is important to spend enough time in the outer world, focused on the people, places and activities that make their way into my space, I am okay with that. Yet, as an introvert by nature, I need the quiet time, the inner time, in order to recharge my batteries and be better able to be present in a real way in the outer world. For me, like all introverts, being present in the outer world is work. In saying that, I don’t mean work in the negative sense, but in the sense that it draws on energy levels. Once I get to the point that I have overdrawn the energy account, I become less rational and as my family calls it – I end up zoned out.

With the little time that has been left over, I have been able to write some more poetry and will offer one of these poems here today before I retreat into an energizing quietness.

Spiritual Nudity

Whole and Holy
Body, soul and spirit
In man and in woman
Created whole and holy
Created in the creator’s image
Created naked.

Hide the body
Hide the creation
Blame it on shame and sin
Blame the creator for
Our nakedness.

For it is the creator
Who set us out here, naked
Vulnerable, exposed
For it is the creator
Who set us up for sin
That would send us from
The Garden into a world
Unfriendly, dangerous,
And evil.

Waking up, opening eyes
To the truth of our natural
Holy condition as created
Allowing the light to overcome
Fear that blinds us to darkness
Daring to look in the water
Which mirrors our inner and
Outer temple and find
Our voice speaking
To the One.

2014 01 26 – Playa del Carmen, Casa Verde


Written by Robert G. Longpré

January 30, 2014 at 10:32 am

Posted in Jungian Psychology

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