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On The Road With Avril or Who’s In Control?

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Anima in the driver's seat or serving to inspire?

Anima in the driver’s seat or serving to inspire?

Back on our rooftop patio that stretches outside our small collection of rooms, a shadow approaches with a cloud on the horizon. I notice the shadow approaching with apprehension. Avril seemed unperturbed by the approaching nameless shadow. I listened to her voice as she sang in the late afternoon sunshine that made her skin seem even more like gold it that was even possible. Her voice like a Siren song from a distant mythological past, pulled me into her sunshine as though to deny the shadow that approached. But my long association with Avril, through decades that has seen no change in her vibrant appearance while I showed all the signs of more than six decades of life, allowed me to watch from the edges of my eye that shadow. Avril knew I saw the shadow and laughed.

As the shadow approached, I saw that the land was being covered with a thin blanket of water. With that thought, that awareness, I found myself with Avril standing beside me, on the road in front of the hotel with the water wetting the bottoms of our bare feet. The cloud disappeared leaving the water resting on the surface. I raised my eyes from the water at my feet to look in the distance up the road from where we had come to arrive at the hotel. In the distance I saw a small wave of water approach. The surface of the water behind that wave was higher than the surface water the wave was meeting. I knew that there was a deepening of the water approaching. And, I knew that somehow we would have to leave this place as soon as possible for in the distance behind that approaching wave was yet another and then another wave that would soon cover everything with water.

Avril wasn’t worried as she led me to a car that would take us away from this place, further down the road in the opposite direction. It was her car and she claimed the driver’s seat. I sat in the seat behind her. The car started in silence and we were soon moving through the first level of water away from the approaching depths that were advancing toward us. Foolishly, I trusted Avril to take the wheel and lead us to a safer place.  Because she drove slow enough, the water parted without sound as we made our way forward. Again, Avril was singing a song that had no words that I could distinguish, her song hypnotizing and comforting what had begun to be a sliver of anxiety.

Breeching the song, I heard a car quickly approaching us from behind. In that car were two people, two men who were as loud as their car. I noticed that behind them was another car that was tethered by a chain. As the car approached and began to pass, Avril shrieked out in joy as she noticed the front wheels of the passing car being tilted in at the top giving the impression that it wouldn’t take much for the wheels to go flying off. Avril yelled out above the noise of the two men and their car that she thought the wheels were going to fall off as she picked up speed in order to follow them. The trailing vehicle’s wheels were also showing signs of falling off as they tilted like a new born calf spreading its legs in order to stand erect for the first time.

Avril followed the car until it disappeared from sight. The water was much deeper as we charged down the road buried beneath. Suddenly I became aware that we were approaching what appeared to be a bridge. I knew that in moments the water would be too deep and that we would find ourselves below the surface of the water. It was time for me to take control back from Avril. With no more than a thought, the engine stopped and I grabbed at the rails that stood peeking above the surface of the water, the rails of the bridge. Though we had been racing away from rising water, we had actually found ourselves rushing toward deeper water. I began to pull the car back away from the depths only a few steps away, pulling the car back as I pulled backwards using the rails as a ladder.

Avril smiled as I pulled us out of the depths and back to a place where the water gave way to land.

It’s about time you took control,” she laughed.

I always do in the end,” I smiled in return.


Written by Robert G. Longpré

February 5, 2014 at 6:11 am

Posted in Jungian Psychology, Naturism

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