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When Darkness and Light Collide and Become One

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When universes collide

When universes collide

In this image of a galaxy, I understand just a bit more, perhaps not better as I doubt that anyone really has much of a clue when it comes to full awareness of it all. What I take from this image is a mixture of all of those influences in my life – Christianity, Buddhism, Jungian psychology, and probably most importantly, my own experiences of being swept away by storms and collisions and black holes and darkness. What I then see in this image is a self portrait. Let me explain, if I can, what I mean by this.

If I take my conscious self, my ego as the centre – the bright light of consciousness – and move out from that centre, I find other points of life, of awareness that could represent those closest to me, the next brightest lights and other lights that lose their intensity from where I am at the centre as they move out of my range of consciousness. On the fringes are presences I know are there though I only seem to have a faint, almost periphery sense of their presence.

If I think of the image in Christian terms, and I hear the voice that tells me to look for the kingdom of heaven within, I find that place of perfection again at the centre. As I move away from perfection there is greater darkness until a point is reached where darkness is all that exists. Out of darkness light was created, the heavens, the earth, life on the earth and then humans. The journey of all humans according to Christian ideology is somehow a journey through life which is a vale of tears, shadows, sin and sorrow in order to return to a Garden of Eden, a place of eternal light called Heaven. It’s a grim tale that doesn’t somehow seem as complete, as complex yet simple enough to embrace both the darkness and the light and all the spaces in between. It is a philosophy that demands either-or compliance, a duality that can never become one in spite of the story of how all springs from one.

When I look again at this image I see it a reflection of an inner space, a world that is unbounded by my ego and body. And I find that I begin at the outer edges on a journey that takes me to the centre, the heart of the universe. And as I follow the trail to the centre I have a sense of deja vu, that I have been here before when I had made the journey from wholeness, oneness to the outer edges of darkness where I became manifest as a human, as an ego.

These thoughts have me wonder about all those other spots of light, all of those other galaxies and it dawns on me that each of us humans is in fact a cosmos, a universe, a light at the centre of a galaxy. I am forced to an awareness that each of us is a light staring out into the darkness in search of light. The more intense the ego, the brighter the light at the centre and the harder it is to see the light of others and, harder still to find that all of these centres of light become one, become a whole. Separateness and duality disappears leaving no distinction between dark and light; the realities, the possibilities, the darkness, the light, the suffering, the joy – all become one, the universe.


Written by Robert G. Longpré

February 16, 2014 at 2:01 pm

Posted in Jungian Psychology

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  1. Inspired by your site and work, loving the combination of Jungian concepts and photography. Have long been interested in Jungian perspectives on film and literature 🙂

    Roberta McDonnell

    February 17, 2014 at 6:08 am

    • Thanks for the positive comments, Roberta. I paid a quick visit to your site and heartily recommend it to my readers here.


      February 17, 2014 at 5:50 pm

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