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Sitting in the Sunshine as Psychotherapy

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Becoming Your Own Therapist - Lama Yeshe

Becoming Your Own Therapist – Lama Yeshe

I’m busy reading a different book, one by Lama Yeshe called, Becoming Your  Own Therapist. I have long found that the ideas in Buddhism have meshed with Jungian psychology. I am looking forward to what I will find here to support or refute that idea. However, the reading aside, I am finding that I am finding it both easier and harder to meditate as time passes here in Mexico.

Meditation is easier in terms of my willingness to sit, to find the time to sit still on a cushion in the garden. It is easier on my body which is getting used to being still and how I am not distracted as much by the aches and tingles that arise during meditation. Meditation is getting harder in terms of training my mind which seems to be getting desperate to distract me with all sorts of nonsensical thoughts, projections into the future which I have learned long ago are more about fears or wishful thinking than about being able to discern what lies ahead for me. And, there is the darkness that pokes its head up as I sit on the cushion, a darkness that I know I must acknowledge, that I must hold for a moment before releasing it back into the nether regions from which it has arisen. As I look, trying so hard to withhold any judgment about what is scene, I see that the darkness is a mirror of myself – not a demon within myself, but a true face of the whole of who I am.

As I sit back for a moment to read what I have just written, I can see just how much of a psychological work that meditation really is. It is more than a relaxation from  tension, a reduction in stress on the body. I am looking forward to reading this new book and seeing just what Lama Yeshe has to say about Buddhism, meditation and being one’s own therapist.



Written by Robert G. Longpré

March 3, 2014 at 9:09 am

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