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We All Make A Journey Through Confusion

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Early morning sunshine

Early morning sunshine

As I began this morning with my early morning meditation before there was sunshine in the little patio outside the door to the casa, I thought of what I would do during the day. Curiously, there was no agenda that came to my mind. The only thing that presented itself was an agreement to have lunch with our friends at a beach-side, open-air restaurant. Before settling firmly onto my cushion I also wondered if  the little lizards that use the little garden as their world would once again decide to rest upon my legs while I meditated. And then, even that thought evaporated as I took a deep breath and invoked a silent wish for well-being for my self and others. I can’t say that I disappeared into the early morning silence, as I was fully aware of the scurrying of the little lizards and heard the various voices of birds and dogs. Yet, I did enter into a different place that is always present every time I dare to reach for it, a place where the essence of who I am greets me with a smile.

Blue sky and sunshine behind the clouds

Blue sky and sunshine behind the clouds

Now, a shared morning coffee with my wife as she sat in her hammock and I sat next to her in a cloth and wood patio chair, has been followed with a simple breakfast, a meal that doesn’t change all that much for me – whole grain toast with peanut butter and banana. It’s simple yet satisfying. With the breakfast done, I find myself returning here to talk with you. wanting to share some words from Pema Chodron that I found again, words that were underlined in my copy of the book, When Things Fall Apart. I wanted to share these words as a gift to you and especially to my daughter-in-law who also reads here.

“we make a journey. We start with our confusion and our wildness, and we begin to let meditation and the teachings tame us. We take what we hear to heart, and we do our best to put it into practice in everyday life. This sincere effort begins to calm us down. It isn’t that suddenly we become perfect and sit far away from the door. It’s more that through years and years of gentle training and honest, intelligent inquiry, we begin to trust our basic wisdom mind. We find that we have an essential wisdom, an essential good heart, that is stronger and more fundamental than our unkindness and aggression. . . . It’s like finding that the sky and the sun are always there and that it’s the storms and clouds that come and go.”

These words are what I sense is happening within me as I become gentler with myself. It is my hope and wish that you will make this journey of compassion for yourself and all those whose lives you touch.


Written by Robert G. Longpré

March 10, 2014 at 9:24 am

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