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Crocodile Message – Heal Yourself

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A not so friendly crocodile in Puerto Morelos

A not so friendly crocodile in Puerto Morelos

So yesterday evening I was going for a walk and got no further than a half block from the house when I spotted this big fellow. The street edges a huge swampland that is the natural habitat for crocodiles. Thankfully there was a flimsy wire fence to keep me out of his environment (yes, I did consider hopping the fence to get a closer photo even though I was only about fifteen metres from this guy). This morning I did a quick search to see what was symbolic of crocodiles as I don’t believe in random and meaningless events in life. This is some of what I found out:

“These creatures ask us to dive into our emotions and seek fluidity, healing and cleansing in these realms. Gators and crocs also ask us to utilize our dreams for emotional understanding. Call upon these creatures when you’re in a crunch emotionally, or are unclear about how to heal yourself, or if you’re having disturbing dreams. These creatures are fearless, and their energy is extremely forthright. They strike clarity into our lives when we call on them. Moreover, these creatures represent an equal balance between earth and water. With their help, we too can become grounded, and settled in our emotions.”  [Symbolic Alligator Meaning and Crocodile Meaning]

Now, I have to say that it would be a significant coincidence that the time I am spending here in Mexico is all about the process of self-healing that involves, dream work, delving into emotions that are triggered, and finding clarity (light) where there has been confusion in the shadow world of the unconscious. Balance – yes, it is all about balance between earth and water with the distinction of air – the breath in and out of the body that calls one into mindful presence. None of this is coincidence at all.


Written by Robert G. Longpré

March 27, 2014 at 1:49 pm

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