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We Are Blessed – Mysterium Coniunctionis

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It is more than a tan that has developed. The fire of the sun has welded us closer together.

It is more than a tan that has developed. The fire of the sun has welded us closer together.

It’s hard to imagine than in just over a week we will have to leave this tropical place in order to return to our home on the Canadian Prairies. Not surprisingly, we are looking forward to a return to our pleasant home even though winter will not be finished with cold, snow and wind. The past few days have seen the weather here in Puerto Morelos become hotter, especially at night. Since we are not using an air conditioner, trying to stay a bit cool has become a challenge. Transformational heat is what I call it.

The time we have spent here in Mexico has again resulted in growth and change in both of us. My meditation practice has become more and more important as has my midday sunbathing where as she says it, “You cook the Devil out of you.”

Still, we don’t take anything for granted knowing that each day we need to do the work that will ensure our union is more than a legal arrangement. And because of this, we find ourselves enjoying moments where it is as though we are still twenty and twenty-one and had just discovered that we were in love with each other, as if time has stood still. Of course these moments are real, not just reminders. Why do I say this? What had brought us together, what we had seen in the moment of love at first sight is still there. It wasn’t and isn’t about some sort of physical love, but something deeper, something that touches the core, the rawness beneath ego. We are blessed.

The work isn’t easy, the work of cultivating our union so that it can continue to be blessed, moment after moment. There are shadows that work overtime to blind us to the truth of the other and ourselves. We take turns hurting and being hurt when overcome with inner pain, with doubts, with emotions. But somehow, we hold the tension just long enough to see those shadows pass so that we again see the truth of each other.

Does it get any easier now that we are in our mid-sixties? Yes and no. It does get easier because we know that these dark moments are temporary, that the sunshine will come out again and gift us with blue and clear skies. But at the same time, it gets harder as we get worn out with the drama and want nothing more than peace, thinking that perhaps a life alone for the remaining years would give us that peace. You’d think that it was simple – just choose one or the other. But it isn’t. The moment we let down our guards, become fully present, allowing a brief touch or the inner light from the other’s eyes to touch deep within, we arrive back at square one – the holy union or mysterium coniunctionis.


Written by Robert G. Longpré

March 30, 2014 at 8:59 am

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