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Always At Home Beneath Sun-Darkened Skin

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Sun-darkened skin at Casa Sorpresas

Sun-darkened skin at Casa Sorpresas

Our bags are packed and sitting waiting for our departure time. In three hours we will be en route to the airport in Cancun where we will sit for about three hours until our plane takes off to take us back home to Canada. I thought that perhaps I would be having more regrets about leaving out little casa and garden where we have had enough privacy for me to live more in my own skin. Yet, the call of home – my children and grandchildren – is strong. In less that ten days we will have most, if not all of them, at our house for Easter.

Yet, there are strong connections that have developed here in Puerto Morelos as well. The connections have become stronger because they include people. It is all about people, connection to people who are vital to prove to ourselves that we are not just all in our heads, some all-encompassing thought. Dreams tell us about people and our connections to them. They allow us to see ourselves mirrored in their eyes. They teach us of our goodness and about our darkness. They challenge us to be better with their love, indifference, or even hate. Of course there is so much more to say, but now is not the time. For now, it is enough to be aware that I am learning to be at home, to be settled within myself because of connections with others, with communion with others.

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Sun-Darkened Skin

A breeze from the fan makes its way
across the room, touching the skin’s surface
as if pulsing with its own life
gifting with each breath, more life
perhaps even inspiration
to the naked writer
wrestling with thoughts and feelings
locked beneath the sun-darkened skin.

Meditation, agitated encounters with
presences beneath the skin
presences that know no boundaries of time or space
presences tied to others
inner others
outer others
that live beneath the sun-darkened skin.

Waiting in the silence
for the silence to be broken
by a chime pronouncing the end
and a return to life
outside this layer of sun-darkened skin.

2014 04 08 – Puerto Morelos, Casa Sorpresas


Written by Robert G. Longpré

April 8, 2014 at 9:03 am

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