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A Truth Can Walk Naked

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walk nakedThe picture tells it like it is. Think about it. I found this image on Facebook and “borrowed” it for use here for both the saying and the image. Why the image? Well, the little boy or girl is walking on a road, and this post will focus on the “road” that we all walk. In addition, the image challenges us to walk the road vulnerable knowing that we are going to suffer, to walk it honestly, especially being honest with oneself. The image also suggests walking into the future, going forward. As I mentioned, the choice was purposeful. Before I found this image I had already chosen words from Osho which I found in his book, The Journey of Being Human, words which speak to the road of life we all walk.

“The road is the world. where everybody is going somewhere, trying to find something, and in fact basically trying to forget himself because it hurts. To remember oneself hurts, and the only thing that everybody is doing is to get engaged, concentrated – after money, after power, after this, after that. Become a painter, become a poet, become a musician, become someone and go on becoming. Don’t stop, because if you stop you become aware of your hurt; the wound starts opening. Son don’t give it a chance. This is the road.” [p. 47]

The road we all take, the road where we hide ourselves through assuming an identity that will redefine who we are to others and to ourselves, does have some value, perhaps even more than some value. But, we need to be honest with ourselves that there is a unique self hidden behind the roles and relationships and activities we engage in, a self that turns into shadow when we lose consciousness of who we are beneath all the clothing, the costumes, the disguises with which we navigate our way through the world.

I call myself a writer, a poet, a musician, a philosopher, a Buddhist, and a naturist among other things. I define myself as well through my relationships of husband, father, grandfather, friend, neighbour, counsellor, brother, and the list goes on. Yet, this is just the surface stuff of who I am. The truth of who I am is only found when I strip away everything and dare to look squarely at who or what remains. The bandages have to be peeled off and the wounds of life exposed in order for healing, for peace to emerge. And yes, it hurts.

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Barefoot Reality

Walking in the house with barefoot
feeling the coolness of morning
in the wood.
Put on slippers?

Walking barefoot along the shore
feeling the sand and shells
and the weeds.
Put on sandals?

Walking barefoot on the grass in the yard
feeling the caress of nature’s hand
and the freedom.
Put on shoes?

Being buffered from reality
denying the truth of the earth
and of the authentic human body
leaves the body and psyche in
a cocoon of self-imposed agony.

2014 04 11 – Elrose, House of White


Written by Robert G. Longpré

April 11, 2014 at 7:20 am

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